Our curriculum reflects an understanding of our community and provides what parents and students want. It meets the needs of a truly comprehensive intake, realising the dreams of highly academic Oxbridge students whilst supporting others with life and learning skills. Click here for more information on how many hours of each subject students have and the timings of the school day.




  • Key Stage 3

    We provide memorable experiences for learning across a broad and balanced range of subjects. All students in Years 7 to 9 have dedicated Learning to Learn and ICT sessions to enable them to acquire and practise core skills which are essential throughout the curriculum and for effective lifelong learning. All students in Years 7 to 9 experience a broad and balanced curriculum. They study Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, ICT, History, Philosophy, Geography, Music, Art and Drama. All students study French with the chance to study Spanish or German as a second language.


    In Years 7 and 8 students study five Technology areas (Graphics, Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Textiles Technology and Systems & Control) with the chance to specialise in one of these areas in Year 9 in preparation for their GCSE studies. All students have two learning reviews a year with their learning manager and Learning to Learn lessons to ensure the students become lifelong learners. During registration time with their learning manager students take part in active global citizenship and a range of activities including bites, newswatch, online time and assemblies. The school promotes British values and tolerance and diversity. A provision map of how we promote British values can be found here.

  • Key Stage 4

    Our highly effective Guided Pathways process begins in Year 9. Students are guided into the most appropriate route to ensure the greatest chance of success pre- and post- 16. All students have a careers interview and a ‘Pathways Post 16' interview to ensure appropriate course and career choices. Full details about our curriculum is given in our Guided Pathways booklets which can be found in the Parents section.

  • GCSE's & Other Qualifications at KS4

    GCSE's: Art, Business Studies, Drama, French, Geography, German, History, Media Studies, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Spanish, Computing, Science, Additional Science, Separate Science, Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Textiles Technology, Resistant Materials, Electronics, Food Technology & Graphics.


    Other Qualifications at Key Stage 4: CoPE, BTEC 1st Childcare, BTEC 1st Performing Arts, BTEC 1st Dance, ICT OCR National, ALAN Tests.

  • Assessing Without Levels

    The Academy is continuing to use National Curriculum levels for Years 7-9 for 2014-15 despite them no longer being statutory. All subject areas are revising their offer in line with the new National Curriculum as appropriate.


  • High Achievers

    George Spencer Academy Identification of High Achievers

    Our identification is an on-going process, not one event. It has two strands: students can be identified by data or by nomination, or by both.


    By data: Quantitative identification by test data is reviewed in Year 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and includes CATS (Cognitive Ability Tests) and examination results.


    By nomination: Qualitative identification for all students by subject nomination is reviewed

    - In  June every year prior to the new academic year (Spencer time) and in January.

    Additionally students are identified in July for our new Year 7 (primary identification) and in September for Year 12.

    - Students identified by subjects

    - Every subject has agreed criteria

    - Nominations are moderated by the Faculty representative

    - High Achievers: Academic are capable of excelling in academic subjects


    *High Achievers: Talented may excel in practical abilities e.g. PE, drama, art, social skills e.g. leadership



    How students are identified

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Criteria used for subject nomination by teachers:

      GSA HighAch Art

      GSA HighAch Bus


    GSA HighAch Childcare


    GSA HighAch Comp

      GSA HighAch Drama   GSA HighAch Elect   GSA HighAch Eng   GSA HighAch Food

        GSA HighAch Gen

       GSA HighAch Geo

      GSA HighAch Graphics   GSA HighAch History
      GSA HighAch ICT   GSA HighAch Maths   GSA HighAch Media   GSA HighAch MFL


    GSA HighAch Music


    GSA HighAch PE


    GSA HighAch Phil

      GSA HighAch Psy


    GSA HighAch ResMats


    GSA HighAch Sci


    GSA HighAch Socio

      GSA HighAch Textiles
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