Period 6 Prep Time

As part of our continuing commitment to providing all students at George Spencer Academy with the best possible chance to reach their potential, we are providing an optional period 6 "prep" time to students. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday students will be able to stay at school and complete classwork, homework, preparatory work or use it for additional study time. The Lower Site Resource Centre (LSRC) will be manned by teachers on these days providing an area for quiet study and / or additional computer time. On these days, students can opt to stay at school until 4:20pm, registers will be taken and names fed back to learning managers.


We recognise that not all students have the space at home to work in a quiet environment and have all of the resources they require to hand and therefore alongside this offer all resources will be provided (eg different types of paper, glue, scissors, art materials) and access to computers.


The student leadership team have devised a series of rules for period 6 which includes no mobile phones being present (distractions) and students must work quietly. The teachers who are present may send students away if they are unable to keep to these rules, but follow-up conversations will take place with the student and parent to keep everyone informed.


George Spencer Academy would like to thank you for your support with this new venture, if you would like further information please contact Miss J Gordon (, Mr S Doyle ( or Mr P Allen (

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