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Through the OLEVI accredited Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) delegates can spend time outside of their own setting developing skills which are necessary to be a great classroom practitioner. This could be to develop a certain area of their teaching as the programmes are developed to support a wide range of teaching activities. The OTP builds on this ITP by providing an additional coaching unit to enable participants to develop their skills as a coach.



Improving Teacher Programme

  • provides improving teachers with in-depth coaching, tailored to a self-assessment of their teaching. It provides opportunities to deepen their understanding of high quality classroom practice and teaching and learning. Participants improve their teaching through facilitated practice, observation of colleagues and working with 'live' students
  • supports a wider range of teaching activities, including: planning lessons, starter activities, plenary sessions, questioning techniques, engaging in learning, challenging learning, assessment and differentiation strategies
  • forms part of the professional development provision or entitlement for staff development within the school's improvement plan
  • builds confidence of staff to become used to class observations and adopt a positive "can do" attitude. 



Outstanding Teacher Programme

  • provides in-depth coaching to deepen teachers' understanding of outstanding classroom practice. Participants improve through facilitated practice activities as structured opportunities to reflect on teaching approaches and their quality and impact
  • introduces and consolidates new knowledge and skills, and focus on what makes teaching and learning outstanding
  • requires learning 3s to prepare and present at an outstanding level to the whole delegate group for evaluation against DR ICE®
  • forms part the school's professional development provision as this supports the implementation of agreed best practice and national agendas
  • provides strong input on the progression against the professional standards of excellence. This programme is crucial for teachers involved in developing Leadership in Teaching and Learning



Teacher Communities of Practice


East Midlands Teacher Communities of Practice @ Bosworth Academy

TCPs are forums where innovative schools share practice and expose teachers to world-class thinking and approaches, supporting effective professional development. This enables schools to move beyond delivering the national curriculum to building a stronger foundation for learning – a 'whole education'.


This session will include:

  • School walk round
  • Presentation from Bosworth Academy
  • TCP marketplace


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